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F.C. Lynn is a Retired Educator, Cancer Survivor, with a Disability, but she is yet trying to motivate the world! Regardless to what anyone is facing or dealing with in life, she encourages them - 'Don't give up and don't dare give in'! GOD built us (people) to be able to handle any of life's issues, by HIS Grace, and with HIS help! This book is the true story of her double diagnosis of cancer, on the same day: back to back doctor's appointments. Everyone reading should be encouraged to believe in GOD and trust HIM to be with us through every issue of life. Truly, there is nothing too hard for GOD to handle! Don't allow cancer, or age, or loneliness, or even a disability to stop you from living life to the fullest, abundantly! Follow her journey of being left with half of a face'. The objective was to remove anything that possibly came into contact with cancerous cells. She had to learn how to speak clearly again and swallow food without choking. Quote from author: 'Through it all, I'm present, accounted for, and cancer free! Even with half of a face, I'm encouraging the world to keep pressing, keep trying, keep pushing, keep reaching, keep moving forward until you reach life's goal: GOD'S purpose for you! There are still amazing things for you to do in this life and many people for you to help. Now, let's get started on this new journey: our new normal of sincerely loving GOD while inspiring others. Don't dare give up!'

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